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Workforce Development Program for Individuals Affected by Foreign Trade

Also known as the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA)

This program provides education and employment opportunities for workers who have lost their job due to foreign trade. Individuals can us this program to get the skills, resources, and support they need to find a new job.

This program is considered a work-first program. So, searching for a suitable job is required before some services can be requested. You must be covered by a federally Certified Trade Petition to request services.

Step 1

Review Eligibility

Provide proof of each item below (if applicable): 
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  • Must be covered by a certified trade petition
  • Must have received notice of closure or lay off because of foreign trade
Step 2

Gather Required documents

Provide proof of: 
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  • Social Security Number
  • Your Identification
  • Notification of Termination, Layoff, or Dislocation
  • Certified Trade Petition
Step 3

Get Started Next steps to enroll

  • Create an account on Jobs4TN
  • Find a location and request an appointment with a case manager. You can do so on our Find an American Job Center page
  • Bring your documents with you to your appointment
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